Wednesday, July 27, 2011

☞ READ: More Details on the Harlem Shambles

New York Magazine did some investigative work on the forthcoming Harlem Shambles at 2131 Frederick Douglass Boulevard and came up with a few new facts. The owner Tim Forrester was contacted and revealed that the opening date of the better butcher shop will happen closer to the first half of August at the storefront of the Livmor condo by 115th Street. Other details discussed included white subway tile interiors, grass-fed beef from Kinderhook Farm along with meat pies and cornish pasties will eventually be part of the offerings: Mr. Forrester also appears to have been trained at notable butcher shop Fleisher's according to the article:  LINK


  1. I think that this will be an excellent addition to the neighborhood. It will help the farmers market and everyone eat much better quality food.

    All we need now is a good fishmonger and a greengrocer and we'll be all set. Best Yet is great, but some specialty shops will help make the neighborhood special.

  2. Agree Chris. This place will be a wonderful addition.