Thursday, July 28, 2011

☞ READ: World Platforms for Harlem Museums

An article in the Huffington Post is a really interesting reminder that Harlem's cultural institutional have a challenge to be set for a world platform as part of the evolution of the neighborhood. The focus of  the feature is how the new Museum for African Art Location at 110th Street/Central Park North  and Fifth Avenue has actually been around for almost three decades but will eventually become the institution it was meant to be when it opens on the Museum Mile sometimes in 2012 at one of Harlem's most ambitious new buildings: LINK.

This reminds us of the ongoing talks of the relocation of the National Jazz Museum (lower photo) which has been planned for sometimes now but still has not gained enough momentum to actually happen.  Located on the East Harlem side of 126th Street, the modest building is not in a location with a lot of foot traffic and is not really conducive to the important historic nature of the establishment.  In the past, the Victoria Theatre on 125th  Street was one option but more recently the old Mart 125 new development proposal across from the Apollo appears to be the final loction: LINK.  Over a year later, there has not been any news about financing the said project so only time will tell if the jazz museum will be reborn on 125th Street.

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  1. There really should be a National Jazz Museum, if not in Harlem, then somewhere in the USA. So many tourists from abroad come to the USA for "real" jazz. Jazz is America's first contribution to music, so we should have something to document its history.