Tuesday, September 27, 2011

☞ REVIVE: Progress at 2066 Fifth Avenue

The last time we checked on 2066 Fifth Avenue, a reader mentioned that the entire facade had been removed of every brick and we still were hoping that maybe parts of the old building would somehow make it back on the construction site.  Walking by this section of Fifth Avenue and West 127th Street this past weekend, we noticed that the new brick underneath the scaffolding appears to have been mostly in place.  At the lower photo, one can see that the building now consist of wide balconies on the right side with just one window on the left. Number 2066 would have been an interesting adaptive reuse project but this  particularly picturesque block is not in a landmark district so developers can do as they will.


  1. That area should get landmark status...it's beautiful.

  2. this does not look promising. Perhaps they should keep the shroud up.

  3. The good news is the type of brick that is being used for it's new facade compliments the other red brick buildings on that block. I also noticed that the original staircase has not been removed yet, let's keep our fingers crossed for it!!