Wednesday, October 26, 2011

☞ DWELL: 337 Convent Sold in September

Another Convent Avenue townhouse in the historic district has apparently sold but there does not appear to have been any major listings previously out for 337 Convent Avenue. The 20-foot-wide townhouse is the neighbor to the corner building that the film The Royal Tenenbaums made famous and apparently was split into six apartments.  A final sales price was recorded at $1.6 million back in September for 3,920 square foot in total at the property just south of West 144th Street. One of the recent record sales in Harlem was the neighbor at 329 Convent which sold for $2.3 million: LINK

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  1. seems like the price of an unreovated 20 footer on convent ave is now in the mid to high $1M range, but just down the block, at 529 west 142nd st there is an unrenovated 20 foot wide townhouse asking just $1M. pretty big difference for just a few blocks. why such a big disparity i wonder?