Tuesday, October 25, 2011

☞ EAT: Red Rooster and Chez Lucienne

The one restaurant that is really benefiting from the arrival of the Red Rooster on Lenox Avenue appears to be Chez Lucienne located next door. This pair of eateries just north of 125th Street have a synergy in their cafe culture but also help one another out with foot traffic.  Since the Red Rooster is often fully booked all the time or has recently been closed for private events, tourists and curious downtowners are often turned away so they just end up next door at Chez Lucienne.

There are not really too many other high profile chefs uptown but if anymore decide to venture forth, then other restaurants in the area might benefit. Last month, it was reported that Jonathan Waxman of downtown's Barbuto might be contemplating Harlem for another restaurant but those rumors have since not been confirmed: LINK


  1. This mini restaurant row is significant as it is very popular but it also has a unique Harlem flavor that I believe in the long term will continue to be a draw to non Harlemites.

  2. Well Said !! Let's keep it up ! I noticed that both Chez Lucienne and Sylvia's have stepped up there menu and service since Red Rooster started...