Monday, October 31, 2011

☞ WALK: After the Halloween Weekend Snow

Saturday's blizzard caught many off guard this weekend but the surprise fall snowstorm left few traces by the time Sunday rolled around.  Most of the streets barely had a few wet areas in Harlem yesterday morning and the only evidence of the blizzard from the previous day was found on the highest rooftops as can be seen at the P.S 157 residential building on St. Nicholas Avenue.  The Cathedral of St. John the Divine overlooking Morningside Park also had a frosty dome but now most evidence of the fall flurries have disappeared.  Halloween has finally arrived for 2011 and is as cold as usual but it too almost became a snowy one.

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  1. I wouldn’t call it Fall Flurries—just went for a run in Morningside Park and there is considerable tree damage. Parts of Central Park are a disaster.