Tuesday, November 22, 2011

☞ DWELL: 233 West 139th Street Townhouse

One of the McKim, Mead and White designed townhouses along Strivers Row in Central Harlem is up for sale and looks to be in pretty good condition for the asking of $1.625 million.  The single-family house is a generous 19.25 foot wide, appears to have all the original details intact, has roughly 4,064 square foot of interior space and a garage out back.  These striver rows property usually don't have a back yard since the garage spaces take over that part of the plot but some of them do have decks built on top of those former carriage houses.  Deck photos are lacking on the broker site (and thus may be lacking in general) but more interior images can be found: LINK

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  1. Just a STUNNING Place !! I still love my Sugar Hill place...But a girl can DREAM !!!