Tuesday, November 29, 2011

☞ READ: Second Avenue Subway Art

The tunnel for the Second Avenue Subway has finished up drilling to the 96th Street location on the east side and a Wall Street Journal article details the artwork that will be installed in the next coming years. At the 96th Street Station on the border of East Harlem, line drawings glazed on to ceramic tiles (above rendering) have been selected to cover the walls and historic photographs of the Second Avenue elevated train will adorn the station on 63rd Street.  Harlem artist Xenobia Bailey was chosen not for the East Harlem station but will have a mosaic of celestial orbs decorating the new 7 line extension at the 34th Street.

As far as completion dates go, the subway itself will not be fully running until 2016 but the midtown 7 train extension will be in operation by 2013.  There is still one more station that has not been assigned artwork which costs up to $1 million to install so all artists are now invited to submit design for the 72nd Street station to the MTA.  Read more in the Journal: LINK

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