Wednesday, November 30, 2011

☞ REVIVE: 465 West 147th Street in the News

A Sugar Hill townhouse that was foreclosed and taken over by squatter made local news because of neighborhood complaints. Most have cast the blame on the bank that foreclosed on the West Harlem property a few years back but that institution was not able to maintain the townhouse because of the squatter situation.  As fate would have it, a recent fire to the building has forced the illegal house guests from the property and now the townhouse will finally get its much needed renovation for an eventual sale. More details can be found on the NBC New York site: LINK

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  1. Interesting that BOA (Bank of America) is seen as the bad guy here, however it was not BOA dealing drugs out of the building, BOA did not deliberately start the fires and BOA did not squat in the building. The people doing all these awful things where most likely from the neighborhood and not BOA employees.