Thursday, December 29, 2011

☞ INTRODUCING: Progress at 2nd Harlem IHOP

Back in May, the new office building at the corner of Lexington and 126th Street announced that Harlem's next International House of Pancakes was arriving soon at its lower floor commercial space but not much has happened until now.  This location at  2082 Lexington Avenue in East Harlem will complement the already popular IHOP in Central Harlem on 135th Street and a reader took a photo of some progress on the site in the past week.  Interior after the jump.

Based on this most recent photo, it look like the interior is almost ready to go.  All the banquets and fixtures appear to be in place now so expect an opening sometimes in the New Year.   On a side note, this new building that the cheap chain has anchored is called the East Harlem Gateway II which finished up in the past year or so: LINK.  As noted previously,  the immediate block is pretty desolate at times so adding the foot traffic will definitely be an improvement for the nabe.

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