Tuesday, December 20, 2011

☞ MEET: Jonathan Bodrick

New York magazine is always on the look for stylishly dressed New Yorkers and Harlem boutique proprietor Jonathan Bodrick made the cut in the past couple of weeks.  Sweatpants have been offered in mens collections for the past few seasons and Mr. Bodrick shows how to wear them and make a street style statement.  As a purveyor of vintage clothing, the storeowner knows a bit about fashion and sells his own pieces at his (by appointment only) shop called JB B.O.R.N which is at 52 West 125th Street: LINK. Read more about the interview in New York magazine: LINK

Photo courtesy Spencer Heyfron for New York magazine


  1. Glad to see NY Magazine recognizing a stylishly dressed Harlemite. Maybe I’m getting old or I just don’t get it, but as for the sweatpants, they say to me, just got out of bed and forgot to put on my pants. On the subject of style, I notice Harlemites generally have a good sense of style with color coordination, from sneakers to belt to cap.

  2. And I’ve noticed pajama bottoms as street wear. On me and women. This Must Be Stopped.

  3. The meaning of "style" sure has changed a lot since I was a child.