Tuesday, December 20, 2011

☞ REVIVE: What's Up with 104 West 127th?

Scaffolding just went up out front of the couple of buildings that houses the Crossroads Baptist Church so what is actually going on with these old structures?  The pair of 2-level formerly brick facades look to maybe have been stables at one point but have been converted to other use in recent decades.  With that said, everything looks in need of a major overhaul and the buildings just west of Lenox Avenue are apparently just getting some repair work done to them which will include stucco repair out front.


  1. The church looks a little shabby but for me it is a great piece of Harlem culture and I hope it survives. As for the corner building, I expect it is being fixed up to code so it will be ready to put on the market for a future retail tenant. This corner spot would make a great addition to the newly blossoming Lenox restaurant row.

  2. Bring the brick back!! :)