Tuesday, January 24, 2012

☞ EAT: East Harlem IHOP to Open in January

A Bespoke reader has submitted a photo of the new East Harlem International House of Pancake and provides proof that it will open by the end of the month. The location is at the new commercial building on the corner of 126th Street and Lexington Avenue which should have improved pedestrian traffic because of the new arrival.  IHOP has been expanding in NYC and this will the second location uptown.


  1. IHOP is a good fit in Harlem, the one on ACP Blvd and 135th is always busy, I expect this one to do well also.

  2. Yes, it would be a shame to eat better food someplace else for similar prices. Lowest common denominator is exactly what Harlem needs. I hear McDonald's does well, also, so maybe we can get more of those.

  3. Douglass, agreed, IHOP has a few healthier menu option, like McDonalds has, but most customers opt for the heart clogging items on the menu. IHOP is a good fit in terms of being popular in Harlem, but not a healthy addition, unless you have the will power to go with healthy choices.

  4. @Douglass:

    Jahlokova is on 126th and Madison. Harlem Juice Bar also an all veggie joint is on 125 between Madison and 5th. There is another Jucie bar on 125 between Madison and Park.

    If somebody in that area wants health or healthy food it seems to me that he or she can get all they need by walking two darn blocks from where the IHOP is.

    Just be happy something is going on that corner that folks will actually use the besides the bus to Rossevelt Island. Or another shoe store.

    BTW that block is also getting a Two Guys Pizzieria.