Tuesday, January 31, 2012

☞ REMEMBER: 145th and Broadway circa 1910

An old photo from 1910 shows a very busy intersection of Hamilton Heights that apparently was often congested with pedestrians.  The 145th Street subway kiosks are visible at either side of Broadway and crowds of people can be seen spilling out into the street. There is a bit of traffic to be had also with the arrival of automobiles and all appears to be just an average day in the Heights. This section of West Harlem actually looks pretty much the same today since most of these buildings are intact.

Thaddeus Wilkerson, Broadway, north from 145th St., New York, ca. 1910 via the digital collection at the Museum of the City of New York.


  1. always so happy to see coverage of west harlem washington heights your blog makes my day

    1. Hey That's not too far from me !!! I am just gonna have to check it out and see what has changed. LOVE these vintage photos ! Keep em comming.. I found some from my Building back in the day...Makes me feel a part of something..thanks

  2. Also interesting that the Banco Popular/El Morocco Building and the one housing McD's/Foot Locker/Radio Shack/AT&T have been low rise for over a century. After the new zoning plan is approved for W. 145th St. those are going to 10-12 story buildings after waiting a century for development to heat up again.

  3. Those subway kiosks existed when I was a little girl--in the mid 1960's!