Monday, January 30, 2012

☞ REMEMBER: Herberts on 125th circa 1931

The above sketch of 125th Street at 7th Avenue drawn around 1931 shows a distinct jeweler and a local landmark that no longer exists at this intersection in Central Harlem. Herberts storefront had large faux diamonds encrusted on to the store signage and a large spectacle sign was also something that caught the eye of pedestrians along the commercial corridor.  At the far left of the drawing, one can find a tall free standing clock that once held court a this corner of 125th Street.

Bertram Goodman, 125th and 7th Looking West, ca. 1931 via the digital collection at the Museum of the City of New York


  1. Wonderful sketch. Wonder if more of Harlem by this Artist.

  2. I wish the clock was still there.

  3. In my history of Harlem (Grove Atlantic 2011, now out in paperback) I have a reference to a Hubert's Jewelers, at 125th and Lenox I got the spelling and the location wrong--but I'll correct it in the next edition. In the meantime, pencil it in...

    By the way, Langston Hughes lost his watch, which was being repaired there, during the Riot of 1943.

  4. There is a famous photograph in front of Herberts Diamonds, showing a group of Sisters of Charity in full habit participating in a demonstration against LBJ, c. 1963