Wednesday, February 8, 2012

☞ BESPOKE: Decor by Nobu Otsu

Nobu Otsu is mainly known in Harlem as the owner of The Winery on West 116th Street and the forthcoming Jado Sushi and Wine Bar but the Japanese uptowner is also a fabulous interior designer.  We found an old article in New York Magazine that takes a look at the decorator's bespoke flat and terrace in Harlem which shows a very distinct aesthetic eye for details.  Jado Sushi and Wine's interior designs are still a well kept secret but one should expect to see some great design elements in the new eatery set to open on the FDB corridor.  More photos at New York Magazine: LINK.

Photography courtesy of Reuben Cox for New York Magazine

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  1. Nobu is an incredibly talented man. Notice - the moose head is now in The Winery :) Looking forward to Jado Sushi.