Wednesday, March 28, 2012

☞ DWELL: 420 Convent Avenue Townhouse

For those who want a fully restored townhouse in one of Harlem's historic districts, then 420 Convent Avenue might be the one. Located on the corner of 148th Street in Hamilton Heights, the West Harlem single-family home is new on the market with one of the highest asking prices around at $3.5 million.  There's reportedly over 5,400 square foot of space altogether and everything from the infrastructure to the original details have all gone through an extreme renovation in the past two years.  More details on the broker site: LINK


  1. It's very stuffy. Someone likes (inauthentic, but still elaborate) wallpaper too much. Even if it weren't, though, $3.5M is an overreach. It will sell for something closer to $2.5M.

  2. Nothing says space in Manhattan like a full size room with a central claw foot tub directly under the chandelier. I think this was on a house tour at one time, this is a huge home.

  3. Location location location, right? What would this cost downtown, or UWS? 10 million? 11?