Friday, March 30, 2012

☞ INTRODUCING: Larry's Freewheeling

One of the empty retail spaces over at 301 West 110th Street now appears to have secured a bicycle shop set to debut sometimes in the future.  Signs for Larry's Freewheeling have been posted up at the corner retail just west of FDB/8th Avenue and the new business will offer rentals, accessories and sales.  This will be the second bike shop to open in the area since Modsquad Cycles is located just up the block on FDB and 115th Street: LINK


  1. I wonder how business has been for Mod squad?

    1. I love Mod Squad -- they are my go-to bike shop in the neighborhood, with cheerful service and great products. It's delightful to think that there will be another bike shop in the neighborhood, as one shop will not be able to accommodate all the bike-needs our community will manifest in the coming season -- and years!