Tuesday, March 27, 2012

☞ REVIVE: New Plywood Art for 243 Lenox

Now that the corner building at 241 Lenox at 122nd Street has been restored, it would appear that maybe the adjacent brownstone at Number 243 might get fixed up sooner than later.  A Bespoke reader sent in the above photo showing the new plywood fence up on the ground floor of the building that is the last to be restored on the West Side of Lenox Avenue's landmark district.  The owner of the building had hired a pretty creative artist who spent the other weekend painting a mural depicting the local historic blocks and thus beautifying an otherwise unsightly construction site. Scaffolding had been up on the building about a year ago to stabilize it but not much has since happened to the facade since then.  Any tips out there on this one?


  1. I have some information on this.

    The mural was painted for an upcoming shop that is opening at 245 Lenox, on the lower level. I've spoken to the people involved, and this has nothing to do with 243 at all. It's solely for the store (which is a custom clothier). Apparently the folks involved have had significant success with outfitting celebrities and providing clothing for various red carpet events and the like, all from here in Harlem. The name will be Harlem Haberdashery.

    They really made the ugly plywood from the decrepit, ignored building at 243 almost invisible. Beautiful style, reminiscent of the upper Lenox/Red Rooster approach. Really like it, and I'm really interested in the shop!!

  2. From what I've read this will become a men's clothing store called Harlem Haberdashery, or something along those lines.

  3. I saw the artists painting this when I was out for a walk last Sunday morning. It looks really great.

    1. Thanks. The artist - Anthony Morton - painted the mural for our store!

  4. Cmb, I too saw the guys painting this, a spray can in one hand and a photocopy of the old photo in the other hand for guidance. It is fascinating to see artists in the process of creating a work.

  5. Very cool. I could see a custom clothier doing well here - it's a bit like the flower business where it's not terribly dependent on walk ins. They'll get cheaper rent than a downtown location, and of course some walk-in business in a neighborhood that has always had iconic style.

  6. Love this post. My name is Sharene Wood .. My business partner, Guy Wood and I are in fact opening an upscale lifestyle boutique at 245 Lenox Avenue. We will have exclusive designer clothing and cool accessories for the entire family. We thought the mural would help with our curbside appeal! Harlem Haberdashery will open by May 1. Our website will be up later this week - www.harlemhaberdashery.com. Please follow us on Twitter for more info about our company and updates about the store... @HaberdasheryNYC. My other company, 5001 FLAVORS, does, in fact, have a rich history of custom clothing manufacturing. We cater to celebs and entertainers and are bringing that same exclusive design sensibility to our retail customers at Harlem Habderdashery. I love this blog and enjoy all of the rich history of my Harlem that you share.