Wednesday, April 18, 2012

☞ BESPOKE: Gold and Black Cast Iron Accents

Walking by one of the standard cast iron gates found in Mount Morris Park, we noticed a bit of a designer touch had been added on to provide visual interest.  Gold is quite in style in fashion circles these days but has always been the proper accent for older townhouse homes.  A bright coat of metallic paint had been added on to the tips of the gate finials and spires to provide another focal point to the otherwise drab utilitarian fence.  This type of aesthetic also goes hand in hand with the gold lettering that is often found in the doorways of historic neighborhoods: LINK


  1. These gold accents work well here, especially on the fine ironwork shown in this photo, however it may look a little tacky on a lesser quality fence. I wonder if this gold detailing would have been prevalent in the late 1800’s? I am a big fan of these wavy iron details capping the fence seen in the pic as they are suggestive of heat shimmer. This detail can be seen repeated on the wonderful ironwork of West 123rd Street between Manhattan and Morningside Avenues.

  2. The landlords for the building at the NE corner of 144th and Broadway just did this too... but the building itself is pretty cruddy on the inside from what I understand.