Friday, June 29, 2012

☞ DWELL: 452 West 142nd Street Townhouse

OPEN HOUSE: Sunday, July 1st, 1:30PM-3:00PM. The 18-foot-wide limestone townhouse at 452 West 142nd Street will be having an opening house this weekend.  This single family home arrived on the market at the higher end since it is currently going for $2.5 million and is located just outside of West Harlem's Sugar Hill District.  There appears to be some original detail in this ornate building but not too much happening in the immediate residential area.  With that said, the express subway at 145th Street is only few blocks along with Jackie Robinson park and a small commercial hub. More photos and details can be found on the broker site: LINK

☞ EAT: Wood Oven Pizza Arriving on 116th

A Bespoke reader just sent in the above photos of the new wood oven pizza joint that apparently will be opening soon on West 116th Street between Lenox and ACP/7th Avenue.  Forno appears to be the next restaurant venture of the owner of the Ethiopian eatery called Zoma on lower FDB and should be a standout based on the look of the interior space.  Anything with classic subway tiles and mosaic tiles automatically get our attention on the aesthetic level so this one is one to look out for.  Does anyone else have any other details on this new establishment?

☞ WALK: The West Harlem Piers

Curbed has a lovely photo essay by Nathan Kessinger posted today on the West Harlem Piers over at the Hudson and West 125th Street. This is probably our favorite waterfront park in Harlem since it is right on the water and allows folks to fish on the piers or lay out on the lawn during the warm weather season.  There is also no barbecue traffic at this one and the green space is relatively quiet at most hours.  Fairway is just across the street (the park used to be a Fairway parking lot) so food and drink are readily available.  Those who live in Central or East Harlem should just take the cross town BX15 bus to get straight to the piers.  Check out the additional images on Curbed: LINK

☞ DONATE: Season Vegan Final Hours

The mother and son team that look to open a vegan restaurant in South Harlem has less than 14 hours to go to raise $3,500 for Kickstarter.   Brenda and Aaron Beener have raised over $16,500 of the $20,000 needed to finance the Kickstarter project for the restaurant so those who want to help the duo achieve their goals should donate at the pledge site: LINK

☞ DRINK: The Chipped Cup Opens This Weekend

According to their Facebook site, The Chipped Cup in Hamilton Heights will open this weekend, Saturday, June 30th. The new Coffee Shop promises to be one of the better establishments to arrive in the Heights and folks living by the block at 3610 Broadway and 148th Street will now have a place to hang at and have coffee during the daytime hours. More details can be found at The Chipped Cup Facebook site: LINK

☞ SEE: Around Harlem this Weekend

Friday-Saturday, June 29th-30th, 1:00PM-8:00PM, Harlem Arts Festival 2012 at Marcus Garvey Park's Richard Rodgers Amphitheater, 123rd Street and Mount Morris Park West.  The full list of artist and performers for the first Harlem Arts Festival is now up on line.  Everyone should mark their calendars for this free 2 day event at the new Richard Rodgers Amphitheater in the the Mount Morris Park neighborhood. More details can be found on the organizer site: LINK

Saturday and Sunday, June 30th, July 1st, 6:00AM-6:00PM, Harlem Treasure Chest Flea Market, 117th Street and FDB/8th Avenue.  South Harlem's first flea market arrives just in time for the warm weather.  Check out the offerings from local antique vendors this weekend: LINK

Saturday, June 30th, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, The Morningside Park Farmers Market at 110th Street and Manhattan Avenue. Drop by the corner of 110th and Manhattan Avenue to check out what's in season at the Morningside Park Farmers Market. These local markets only grow and improve with community support so make sure to visit each Saturday: LINK.

Saturday, June 30th, 9:00PM-12:00AM, The Fuzz'd Up Film Series Presents a Special Show for Pride Month: Glitter and Be Gay! at Maysles Cinema, 343 Lenox Avenue and 127th Street. Class is in session with this fabulous Fuzzystar salute to LGBTQ Pride! Rally the troops and join our celebration which underscores the fierce fabulousity of the LGBTQ community with insightful interviews, live performances, and of course a musical number and dancing! They'll be laughing, drinking and dancing the night away! There's no better way to spread the joy of pride!  Doors open at 8pm with a $10 suggested donation.  More details on the Maysles site: LINK

Thursday, June 28, 2012

☞ REMEMBER: Boating on the Harlem c. 1899

Another photo from the late 19th century shows the new Harvard shell being hauled over at the collegiate boating houses that used to exist on the east side by the Harlem River.  Boating apparently was a popular activity back in the early days before industry polluted much of the waterways of Manhattan.  Nowadays, kayaking has made a return on the west side over at the Hudson for those who dare brave the waters of New York City.

Photo via the digital collection at the Museum of the City of New York

☞ DWELL: Windows on 123 Lofts 75 Percent Sold

Windows on 123 Lofts, the second phase of a premier, two-building development in Harlem, has reached 75% sold with only the last two units available based on what we can find on Streeteasy: LINK. The Lofts is the sister building to Windows on 123 located at 129 West 123rd Street and has a total of eight, spacious full-floor lofts that have been selling steadily since the other development sold out. Remaining two units range in price from $1,270,00– $1,295,000 which include roughly 1,715 square foot three-bedroom, three-bath homes, each with two large terraces. One closing has been officially listed so occupancy should happen soon.  More details can be found on the development site:

☞ EAT: Where's the Soul Food in Harlem?

Some of the great Harlem classic eateries that were open for decades have closed down recently because of various social and economic factors.  M&G Diner on 125th Street, Copeland's in West Harlem, Sherman's and Well's in Central Harlem along with Louise's in Mount Morris Park have all closed in the past 5 years.  Most of these establishment were set up in the 60s but Sherman's actually goes back to 40s with several branches located throughout uptown. All went away without so much as a blink from locals, so what happened?

As recently as the mid 90s, soul food was the only choice uptown and then the neighborhood started to become diverse in many ways. Demographics changed, cheaper national chains such as IHOP started to appear in the neighborhood, real estate prices went up (along with food prices), residents became more aware of healthy eating options, and the ubiquitous bodega ended up appearing at every commercial corner. Smaller soul food restaurants eventually started disappearing as the old Harlem commercial landscape started to fade.

With that said, some of the traditional businesses have survived today and newcomers have also added to the culinary offerings uptown. Sylvia's and Amy Ruth's have stuck out the storm by attracting national attention and the tourist crowd that comes with it.  Charle's Country Pan Fried Chicken is still around along with Londel's Well's up in Central Harlem but are lesser known.  Miss Mamie's and Manna's also seem to be doing okay in Central Harlem.  Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in West Harlem, Melba's in South Harlem and the Red Rooster in Central Harlem are some of the newer spots that bring in folks from all over the city to check out what good eating is about in Harlem nowadays.

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☞ SHOP: Kuro Kuma Coffee in Manhattanville

 A Bespoke reader sent in the above photo of  a new coffee shop that is set to open over on LaSalle Street in Manhattanville.  This residential block roughly around 123rd Street and Broadway already has the great Italian restaurant Pisticci on it but the storefront next door has been empty for quite some time.  Other recent arrivals to this section of Broadway located right below the new Columbia Manhattanville campus site include Jin Ramen, Bettolona and Chokolat.

☞ INTRODUCING: July Farmers Markets

Now that June will be over soon, expect to see a couple of more farmers markets to show up around Harlem when the summer season peaks. The Mount Morris Park Historic District Farmers Market will return on Saturdays at 122nd Street and Lenox on the north side of Marcus Garvey Park at 124th Street and Fifth Avenue.  A West Harlem Farmers Market will debut on Tuesdays over by 137th Street and Broadway in the coming weeks also. More details will be forthcoming as the markets get set to open in July.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

☞ DWELL: 7 Sylvan Terrace Sold in April

A Sylvan Terrace home up in Washington Heights has sold as of April according to public records.  The house at 7 Sylvan Terrace  was asking for $999K which was a bit more than its neighbor at 11 Sylvan terrace which was going for $799K.  Number 7 appears to have had the renovations that attracted the right buyer since this single family, 20 x 25 foot townhouse with approximately 1,500-square-foot of interior space eventually sold for $913.4K.

Sylvan Terrace's landmark row houses are just north of Harlem proper at roughly 160th Street and many consider them one of the most unique properties in the city.  With that said, they tend to be on smaller side at and are mostly suitable for a single family home. Nevertheless, these Washington Heights homes are pretty remarkable and could work for those who do not mind being a little further north.

☞ DRINK: Mt. Moriah Pews at Harlem Public

While contemporary artist Ugo Rondinone renovates the newly acquired Mt. Moriah Church in Central Harlem, it appears that the soon to open Harlem Public over on the west side made use of some old furniture from that said establishment.  Harlem Public has yet to open but updates on their Facebook site has revealed that pews from Mt. Moriah have been restored and will be used in the new drinking establishment that will open over on Broadway and 148th Street: LINK

As far as Mt. Moriah on 5th and West 127th goes, expect the interior to be renovated in the next year or so before it opens again as a cultural center.  See more of the interior of Mt. Moriah in our past post: LINK

☞ DONATE: Seasoned Vegan Kickstarter

When we checked on the Seasoned Vegan Kickstarter a couple of weeks ago, only $5,428 of the needed $20,000 had been raised for the South Harlem restaurant venture and now $13,436 has been pledged with less than 3 days left to go.  The mother and son duo must raise the full amount to be able to received the final funding so help out if you would like to see this eatery open by 116th Street and FDB/8th Avenue. Those interested in donating should go to the Kickstarter campaign site: LINK

☞ SEE: Glitter and Be Gay! at Maysles Cinema

Saturday, June 30th, 9:00PM-12:00AM, The Fuzz'd Up Film Series Presents a Special Show for Pride Month: Glitter and Be Gay! at Maysles Cinema, 343 Lenox Avenue and 127th Street. Class is in session with this fabulous Fuzzystar salute to LGBTQ Pride! Rally the troops and join our celebration which underscores the fierce fabulousity of the LGBTQ community with insightful interviews, live performances, and of course a musical number and dancing! This show will feature 100% original material from the fuzzystar collaborative, including a documentary video interview with a trans-man in the making. They'll be laughing, drinking and dancing the night away! There's no better way to spread the joy of pride!  Doors open at 8pm with a $10 suggested donation.

For this show the Fuzzystar Organization is proud to feature New York same-sex ballroom dancing and line dancing choreographer Jon Murdock.  More details on the Maysles site: LINK

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

☞ BESPOKE: Stripe Tank Tops Then and Now

After going to more than a good share of rooftop parties in the city this past weekend, we can report that stripe tank tops are definitely a casual look that has returned to men's fashion.  A photo of two gentlemen rowing on the Harlem River circa 1895 shows what the original incarnation looked like when men wore the novelty tops as part of the warm weather sporting season uniform.  Nowadays, the traditional horizontal stripes can be found in many horizontal variations but our preference would fall along the lines of the wider rugby stripe or the finer mariner stripe.

Archival image via the digital Library at the Museum of the City of New York

☞ DWELL: 240 West 123rd Street Still on Market

The mystery townhouse lot at 240 West 123rd Street is still on the market after being listed for almost a year now.  An asking price of $425K has not been reduced for the 13.8-foot-wide parcel that used to have a brownstone in its place.  About 5,584 square foot of livable floor space can be built based on the zoning of this section right around the corner from the FDB corridor and the express trains are also close by. Instead of tearing down old buildings and getting neighbors worked up, it might be better for future developers to actively seek out these open lots for their new construction plans.   Get more details for this land sale at the broker site: LINK

Check out our past post on one homeowner who also decided to buy a small empty lot and build his own modern vision of a townhouse just a block east of this location: LINK.

☞ SHOP: Yogurt Shop arriving at Old N Boutique

It has been about a year and a half since the N Harlem Boutique shuttered over by the Mount Morris Park Historic District but it now appears that a lease has finally been signed for that commercial space.  The New York Post announces that a frozen yogurt shop offering low-fat, no-fat and sugar-free options will be arriving at 171 Lenox Avenue between 118th and 119th Street.  Pa-Paya Seed will eventually look like a chic, European coffee house so maybe all of that glass and fluorescent lighting will go away from the interior when it finally opens.  Read more in the Post: LINK

☞ INTRODUCING: More on Harlem Wine Gallery

We received a press release for the Harlem Wine Gallery that just opened on Sugar Hill and below are some highlights:

Harlem Wine Gallery is the brain-child of self described serial entrepreneur Ken Forte. The vision for Harlem Wine Gallery was borne out of Ken’s long held disappointment with the quality of retail stores in urban communities. “Retail business owners often underestimate the buying power that exists in our community. They also underestimate our ability to discern poor quality from high quality. Accordingly, there is a tremendous opportunity for retailers that provide superior goods and services at a competitive price”.

Rather than just talk about the problem Ken decided to take action. Each wine is carefully vetted before it hits the shelves. Attention to detail is made even more apparent by the creative layout of the wines. The racks are arranged by region, taste and cuisine. They also have free tastings and events several times a week.

The Art currently on display in the gallery is by New York based Guatemalan artist Juan Carlos Pinto, who for the past 10 years has been using discarded Metrocards to create vibrant mosaic portraits of cultural icons and local heroes. “His artwork comments on issues of social justice and environmental conservation with a visual aesthetic that emanates the expressive lushness of the ancient Mayan folklore traditions of his homeland.”

Harlem Wine Gallery, 752A St. Nicholas Avenue at 148th Street, (212) 281-9463, Open Daily from 1 - 10pm

☞ READ: No Love for Rooster at The Observer

Eddie Huang's review of Marcus Samuelsson's memoir Yes, Chef has made quite a buzz on the internet since his critique slams the local celebrity chef, the Red Rooster restaurant and his support of Harlem.  Mr. Huang criticizes chef Samuelsson on many points which include basically not being a real Harlemite since he was not born uptown, pandering to stereotypes by making a Harlem Renaissance theme park out of the Red Rooster and not understanding that folks uptown want the option of takeout food for both low or high end establishments.

Mr. Huang notably states that he is not from the neighborhood in the review but rather from downtown New York via elsewhere in the United States.  This is not a factor since the critic has an apparently non-stereotypical, true Harlemite friend (who happens to be a rapper) provide insight on the Red Rooster while dining at the said establishment.  A lot of eyebrows were raised this week when The Observer piece was published so check out the full article here: LINK

☞ VOTE: Primary Elections Today

Another primary election is at hand today and the media will be looking closely to see if there will be any changes in local Harlem politics for a major Congressional seat.  Governor Cuomo has stepped up to endorse incumbent Rep. Charles Rangel while the New York Times and Daily News has backed Clyde Williams who is a former Obama political aide.  As far as the New York Post is concerned, Dominican-born Sen. Adriano Espaillat should be a major contender based on the fact that the 15th Congressional District has been reconfigured to include parts of the Bronx: LINK

Monday, June 25, 2012

☞ DWELL: 312 West 138th Sold in March

The SRO building that went into contract in less than a month at 312 West 138th Street has sold for below asking price according to public records. Listed at $789K, this 16-foot-wide Central Harlem townhouse located just steps from St. Nicholas Park and the local train might have been the right property for someone who knew what they were doing when it comes to converting an old SRO. A Certificate of Non Harassment was set in place for this fixer-upper and the townhouse sold for $625K when the property finally closed.

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☞ REMEMBER: Last of the Jazz Speakeasies

Speakeasies have had a bit of a revival in the past five years but the styled lounges found currently throughout the city are probably a bit more glamorous than the reality of most establishments during the Jazz Age.  The speakeasies of Harlem were often located in small basement spaces of residential brownstones and only a couple of places really exist now that have that unique quality.

Central Harlem's Amercian Legion Post 398 at 248 West 132nd Street and Bills Place at 148 west 133rd Street are two of the only establishments uptown that still has the spirit of the brownstone speakeasy even though they are more modern day incarnations.  Popular new spots such as Ginny's at the Red Rooster have more of the extravagance of the larger Renaissance venues such as the Cotton Club but those who want the more intimate experience should check out sounds coming from these brownstone basements.

Read more about the casual American Legion Post 398: LINK

More details on Bill's Place can be found on the website: LINK

☞ REVIVE: 467 West 140th in the Journal

Back in March, neighbors of the townhouse at 467 West 140th Street tried to prevent the demolition of the historic building and the story has now made it to the Wall Street Journal.  It turns out that $4,000 was spent by a concerned resident on the block to get an engineer to plan out the structural renovations for the building located close to City College in Hamilton Heights and that same benefactor offered to buy the property.

The government has since blocked the sale and wants the original board of the charity that owns the building to step in to formerly file for an appraisal and have real estate brokers involved.  This said charity has basically disappeared in the past couple of decades and owes $127,000 in back taxes.  In the meantime, demolition is still looming and an extension has been denied for this particular case. Read more in the Journal: LINK

☞ SEE: The Fund for New York Showcase

Wednesday-Thursday, June 27th-28, 7:30 PM, The Fund for New Work  Showcase at The Gatehouse, 150 Convent Avenue at 135th Street. For 19 years, Harlem Stage's Fund for New Work Showcase has provided grants for emerging artists of color. Many have gone on to become acclaimed and award winning artists.

The year's showcase features new works by Amma Whatt, Harrison David Rivers, Roberto Villanueva, Maurice Chestnut, Maija Garcia, Marjuan Canady and Eric Lockley

Dance, theater and music will be presented by these extraordinary young artists at the showcase. Each evening we will conclude with a Q&A with the artists, offering the audience an opportunity to learn about their process and give feedback on the work.

Plus 100% of the ticket sales from each night will be awarded to one of our artists for the creation of new work! Audiences will select one performer each night, via survey, to receive the door proceeds. Get more information on this event and purchase $15 tickets at the Harlem Stage site: LINK

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Friday, June 22, 2012

☞ DWELL: 476 West 142nd Street Townhouse

OPEN HOUSE: Sunday, June 24th, by appointment only.  Number 476 West 142nd Street just arrived on the market and will be having its first open house this weekend. This 17-foot-wide home is asking for $2.695 million and is located adjacent to Convent Avenue's picturesque historic district in Hamilton Heights.  The townhouse appears to have been converted from an SRO at one point and all the infrastructure seems to be updated but the interior is pretty much for the minimalist minded.  Express trains at 145th Street are a good 8 minute walk away but the view along the course is one of the best of in town.  More interior photos and appointment information can be found on the broker site: LINK

☞ BESPOKE: Scalamandre Zebras in Harlem

There is a scene The Royal Tenenbaum movie that was filmed in Hamilton Heights that had the classic Scalamandre wallpaper featuring zebras and we noticed the print recently while passing by another West Harlem building.  Many might remember that Number 339 Convent Avenue at 144th Street was the house featured in the quirky West Anderson film and those who paid attention to interiors would note the classic zebra wallpaper in the bathroom.  It is unclear if this wallpaper actually exists in that home today but folks can view a section of the print on the awning of club El Morocco just a couple of Avenues over on Broadway.  This is probably the only place one will find a piece of the print out in public since the wallpaper is apparently popular for bathrooms: LINK

☞ READ: The Lack of Gay Bars in Harlem

As Pride weekend rolls around in Manhattan, we did a little research to see if anyone had a clue on why there are no gay bars in Harlem. There are gay friendly establishments such as Billie's Black and Native which are gay-owned and have a diverse (albeit mostly straight) crowd but a solid gay Harlem venue has not arrived centrally at this point.  The Atlantic Cities has an article from last year that discusses how many gay locals are not out publicly, the issue of zoning with church proximity and how the economic downturn has stunted a true gay scene from happening in Harlem.

On the other hand, the owner of Native did open No Parking in Washington Heights which has been a popular uptown gay bar since it debuted and the proprietor of Gym Bar in Chelsea had been actively looking for a location in Harlem with an eye on the ever changing demographics.  The article fails to mention Suite which is in Morningside Heights but is very close to South Harlem and the club El Morocco in West Harlem has gay events on Sundays.  Other establishments not featured that have a mostly straight crowd but are often frequented by the LGBT community uptown include Il Caffe Latte, Chez Lucienne, Harlem Food Bar, Lenox Coffee and Red Rooster.  Read more in The Atlantic Cities: LINK

☞ SEE: Around Harlem this Weekend

Friday, June 22nd; 8pm and 10:30pm, Arturo O'Farrill at Ginny's Supper Club, 310 Lenox Avenue and 126th Street.  Ginny’s Supper Club presents the world premiere of GRAMMY award winners Arturo O’Farrill and the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra’s brand new suite, The Offense of the Drum. Standing Room tickets for $10 can only be purchased at the door and $25 ticket for seats may be purchased on line: LINK.

Saturday and Sunday, 23rd-24th, 6:00AM-6:00PM, Harlem Treasure Chest Flea Market, 117th Street and FDB/8th Avenue.  South Harlem's first flea market arrives just in time for the warm weather.  Check out the offerings from local antique vendors this weekend: LINK

Saturday, June 23rd, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, The Morningside Park Farmers Market at 110th Street and Manhattan Avenue. Drop by the corner of 110th and Manhattan Avenue to check out what's in season at the Morningside Park Farmers Market. These local markets only grow and improve with community support so make sure to visit each Saturday: LINK.

Saturday, June 23rd, 12:00 Noon-6:00PM, Harlem Pride at Jackie Robinson Park, 145th Street and Brandhurst Avenue.  Harlem's LGBT community's annual Pride celebration will be held a bit further north at Jackie Robinson Park this year. The day's festivities will include live entertainment, refreshments, community organizations and more for family and friends.  More details can be found on the official Harlem Pride site: LINK

Sunday, June 24th, 6th Annual Mafrika Music Festival at Marcus Garvey Park, 120th and 5th Avenue. The date for the 6th Annual Mafrica Music Festival has been set this year and folks will be able to see various genres of music performed by African/World musician at this series of free concerts.  More details can be found on the Shrine site: LINK

Sunday, June 24th, 7:30PM, COMEDY COVO at COVO's upstair lounge, 701 West 135 Street and 12th Avenue. Come check out the monthly comedy show with some of NYC's best comedians in one of Harlem's most unique lounges (top of a former railroad station). Hosted by NYC comedian William Mullin, this Sunday night show also features comics Rachael Parenta, Pete Kuempel, Jena Friedman, Brad Loekle and DJ legend Chris Washington. This FREE comedy event also features half price paninis, $3 beer and $5 drink specials: LINK

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

☞ DWELL: Contract Signed at the Capstone

The Capstone at 461 West 150th Street in Hamilton Heights has been on the market since the end of last summer and a contract has finally now been signed as of this month.  This 12-unit new construction sits on a quiet part of West Harlem that is next to the Sugar Hill historic district and is about 4 blocks away from the express train station over at 146th Street at St. Nicholas Avenue.

According to Streeteasy, there are 4 units currently available which are mostly 1 bedrooms and a studio ranging from $199K-$389K: LINK.  The one apartment that is in contract is a 1 bedroom, 669-square-foot unit going for $349K.  This development also has the 15- year tax abatement and is FHA loan approved.  More details can be found on the condo site:

☞ REVIVE: New Observatory Window at Bailey's

The Bailey Mansion up on St. Nicholas Place and 150th Street has been going through an extensive restoration process which included replacing cheap windows with architecturally correct ones.  We noticed that the new observatory window had been revealed recently and that the new owners have now placed in details that probably existed originally.  Many of these historic buildings have gone into disrepair so having new owners come in with the funds to fix them up is always great news for the neighborhood. More interesting details should be revealed in the future as the netting slowly comes down. Click on images to enlarge. Check out the intact interior in our past post: LINK

☞ SEE: A Time for Love at National Black Theatre

June 21st through July 8th,  A Time for Love at the National Black Theatre, 2031 Fifth Avenue, between 125th and 126th Street. A Time for Love premiers this week at NBT with music, drama and multimedia content. The play tells the story of a young urban college couple's fight to escape their haunted pasts and find a time to love against all odds. Tickets for $18 may be purchased through Smarttix: LINK