Friday, June 22, 2012

☞ BESPOKE: Scalamandre Zebras in Harlem

There is a scene The Royal Tenenbaum movie that was filmed in Hamilton Heights that had the classic Scalamandre wallpaper featuring zebras and we noticed the print recently while passing by another West Harlem building.  Many might remember that Number 339 Convent Avenue at 144th Street was the house featured in the quirky West Anderson film and those who paid attention to interiors would note the classic zebra wallpaper in the bathroom.  It is unclear if this wallpaper actually exists in that home today but folks can view a section of the print on the awning of club El Morocco just a couple of Avenues over on Broadway.  This is probably the only place one will find a piece of the print out in public since the wallpaper is apparently popular for bathrooms: LINK


  1. Good observation and great wallpaper.

  2. And if you google it you can buy it online, not cheap but fairly unique...