Wednesday, June 27, 2012

☞ DRINK: Mt. Moriah Pews at Harlem Public

While contemporary artist Ugo Rondinone renovates the newly acquired Mt. Moriah Church in Central Harlem, it appears that the soon to open Harlem Public over on the west side made use of some old furniture from that said establishment.  Harlem Public has yet to open but updates on their Facebook site has revealed that pews from Mt. Moriah have been restored and will be used in the new drinking establishment that will open over on Broadway and 148th Street: LINK

As far as Mt. Moriah on 5th and West 127th goes, expect the interior to be renovated in the next year or so before it opens again as a cultural center.  See more of the interior of Mt. Moriah in our past post: LINK


  1. I was very fortunate to acquire one from the Mt. Moriah's contractor which I use for my dining room. I believe they might have a short supply left but anyone can stop by there during normal business hours and ask to speak to Skee.

  2. Anyone know when the opening is supposed to be?

    1. They have been announcing that they will open Saturday at 7AM. I'd occasionally check their facebook page just in case.

  3. great news all around.......great re-use! Nothing "greener" then that!

    NOW, please save the Catholic church in lower Harlem before it is too late!!!