Monday, June 25, 2012

☞ REMEMBER: Last of the Jazz Speakeasies

Speakeasies have had a bit of a revival in the past five years but the styled lounges found currently throughout the city are probably a bit more glamorous than the reality of most establishments during the Jazz Age.  The speakeasies of Harlem were often located in small basement spaces of residential brownstones and only a couple of places really exist now that have that unique quality.

Central Harlem's Amercian Legion Post 398 at 248 West 132nd Street and Bills Place at 148 west 133rd Street are two of the only establishments uptown that still has the spirit of the brownstone speakeasy even though they are more modern day incarnations.  Popular new spots such as Ginny's at the Red Rooster have more of the extravagance of the larger Renaissance venues such as the Cotton Club but those who want the more intimate experience should check out sounds coming from these brownstone basements.

Read more about the casual American Legion Post 398: LINK

More details on Bill's Place can be found on the website: LINK


  1. Thank you for highlighting Harlem!

  2. American Legion Sunday evening is a great Jazz spot. I think Paris Blues now has open mic, not sure how good it is.