Tuesday, August 28, 2012

☞ READ: The Chipped Cup in the News

A recent Crain's article features The Chipped Cup and talks a little about how Hamilton Heights if finally starting to transform by opening better shops.  West Harlem has some of the best scenic blocks and architecture in Manhattan but The Chipped Cup is the first decent coffee shop to arrive in the neighborhood.  The proprietors of the popular new business actually worked a deal out with the landlord for reduced rent since it would help out both parties.  At the end, the building got the upgraded business they were looking for and the startup was given a chance to flourish in the early months.  More can details can be read in the Crain's article: LINK


  1. Smart move by developer and coffee shop owner to negotiate a reduced rent, a win win for both parties and the neighborhood.

  2. First "decent" coffee shop to arrive...? I have a feeling that those locals drinking Spanish coffee brands in the local Dominican bakeries and coffee shops might disagree with that assessment. I'm not one of them, but...

  3. Ray, agreed, the existing local coffee must be good, but “the chipped cup” décor and ambience is new to the neighborhood. A coffee shop is more than just the coffee, it is a place to relax with a book or laptop. I only hope they do not serve in chipped cups.