Thursday, August 30, 2012

☞ SHOP: New Awning at Harlem Food Bar

Several of the newer buildings along the lower FDB corridor have standard matching awnings which are rather bland but Harlem Food Bar recently broke this trend.  Storefronts and awnings add visual diversity to the commercial landscape of a neighborhood but when buildings insist on matching awnings and fonts for their retail tenants, things can look a little clinical.  Most of the time, the said matching awnings are shallow and almost always a neutral green.  Now that Harlem Food Bar at 114th Street has an outdoor seating area, the popular restaurant needed some overhead shade for their guest.  Luckily the condo agreed to let this happen and the end result is a more striking, eye-catching street corner than the previous setup.

1 comment:

  1. This place is starting to look a little Red Rooster-ish to me. Even on the inside, with the wall drawings like RR. I've never gone to either restaurant, but of course I've seen the pictures posted here.