Friday, September 21, 2012

☞ ARCHITECTURE: Ornate Harlem Brownstones

Downtown Manhattan has a lot of townhouses in the more simple styles since they were built much earlier in the 19th century but by the time Harlem was developed, things became a little more ornate. Walking around the West Village, one will notice mostly brick Federal and Greek Revival houses or Italianate brownstones which have lost some of their original facade details.  Many of Harlem's great brownstones are of the Queen Anne or Renaissance Revival variety which was popular in the late 19th century.  The above photo shows some carved bay windows on Convent Avenue in Hamilton Heights which has one of the widest of assortment of ornate brownstones uptown.  Another landmark neighborhood with similar architecture would be the Mount Morris Park Historic District on Lower Lenox which is also worth checking out.

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  1. Not Harlem but the upper west side in the 100’s off Riverside Drive has some fabulously ornate facades, I guess these too where of the late 1800’s.