Thursday, September 20, 2012

☞ INTRODUCING: Art in FLUX Fall 2012

Art In FLUX Harlem continues the pop-up gallery concept at the Morellino on 118th Street and ACP/7th Avenue with a new fall exhibit which just opened this week and will run until October 26th.  “Bedtime Confessions”: an exhibition of sculpture featuring the work of Leah Poller and Carlos DeMedeiros in a debut marriage of subject and style. The small-scale beds expertly sculpted by Leah Poller are a perfect foil for the intriguing mixed media miniature confessionals by Carlos DeMedeiros.

Each artist tells a story. Not just their own story, but one that we all share in the same way: A narrative of myth and mystery. Together, their three dimensional fables of visual drama and imagined conversations blur the boundaries of art and theatre. Leah's works are visual metaphors for the bed in all its literary and imaginary iterations, ranging from the lyrical to satirical, the ironic to iconic, the lovely to licentious, and the humorous to dark.

The tales that Carlos tells us are personal in a visceral way. His colorful and complex confessionals made from found objects tap into our religious memories, whatever the persuasion. Then, as if with unseen intervention, the visual strength and sincerity of his work amplifies our response to it. Gallery Hours: Sept. 19 – Oct. 26, Wed-Sat, Noon to 7pm and Sun, Noon to 5pm. For more information on this exhibit, go to: 

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