Monday, September 24, 2012

☞ QUESTION: Dual Fuel Heating Conversions

We received the below question from a Bespoke reader about heating system conversion for older buildings:

"I am on the board of my co-op and we are in the planning process to convert our heating system to dual fuel (natural gas & heating oil). Do you know if there are any local resources (tenants associations, business improvement associations) in the area that might be a knowledge resource? Perhaps someone has a forum online somewhere to swap information on how to manage ConEd or the process? I've poked around on a number of websites and asked around in the community but am having very little luck. Since you guys always seem to know what is going on in the neighborhood, I thought perhaps you may have heard of something."

 Does anyone have any resources to recommend?


  1. Hello! As part of PlaNYC’s goal to achieve the cleanest air of any large U.S. city, the City launched the NYC Clean Heat program to provide resources to building owners who are converting and to encourage conversions to the cleanest fuels before regulations mandate that buildings do so. Whether buildings need help understanding conversion options, coordinating with utilities, or assembling financing, NYC Clean Heat is available to provide assistance. And the best part- it's free! You can find more information here: Please contact the program directly so that we can work with you and your building through the conversion process: or dial 311 and ask for "NYC Clean Heat". In addition, we'll be giving community presentations about Clean Heat near your neighborhood and can provide further details when you contact us.

  2. I hope this “Ask The Engineer Article” from Rand Engineering & Architecture is of assistance.