Friday, September 28, 2012

☞ REVIVE: 547 West 149th Update

It was almost a year ago when a group of homeowners at West 149th Street in Hamilton Heights tried to stop the city from the demolition a structurally sound townhouse on the block between Broadway and Amsterdam.  The top photo shows the shell as it stood but last October a wrecking crew appeared with directions from the DOB to tear the building down.  Neighbors rallied and called the owner and it turns out papers had already been filed to stop the demolition months ago since an engineer already confirmed the site as being sound. Somehow the city mixed things up and decided to send the wrecking crew over but folks from the neighborhood association spent hours on the phone to make sure the building would saved.  The lower photo shows the renovated house today but the cornice is still missing because of the mishap.  Check out the full story and the demolition in progress photo from our past post: LINK

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