Tuesday, October 9, 2012

☞ REVIVE: More News for the Victoria Theater

Curbed has a report on some new details of the proposed adaptive reuse project set for the Victoria Theater on 125th Street.  Besides increasing the number of rental units and hotel rooms in the two tower complex, it appears that much of the theater's original lobby will be preserved for the hotel entrance.  Restoration of the facade will proceed as expected but the original interior lobby, fountain, and grand staircase will go under renovation also. Entrance for the rental building will face the 126th Street side and the base of the development will house cultural institutions such as JazzMobile and the Classical Theatre of Harlem: LINK


  1. Of course it is way better than it sitting there boarded up and decaying but I do wish it was restored to it's original glory as a theater...

    But I already know there isn't money in theater....

  2. What's going to happen to the Puppies Leather sign?

  3. All that other stuff is all well and good, but if they can actually get the 220 room hotel off that would be a game changer for the neighborhood, IMO.

    Unlike most of the retail concerns popping up in that area, a hotel's personnel tends to make a living wage and might even be Unionized.

    If the people who work in the neighborhood actually have the money to frequent the bars and restaurants in the area it would be a welcome thing.