Monday, October 15, 2012

☞ REVIVE: Restoration & Condos for St. Thomas

The New York Post has some good news about the preservation efforts for the St. Thomas the Apostle Church at West 118th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue.  A developer had purchased the deterioration Catholic church earlier in the year for $6 million and it has now been revealed that the front half of the building will be restored for the cost of $2 million and the back will have a new 12-story, mixed income, 70-unit condo built.   The fully renovated church will eventually become a 200-seat community performance space while the rectory next door (at the right of the church) will additionally be converted into condos and restored: LINK


  1. certainly better the demolishing the whole thing.

    the back half that is being torn down, I am sure is a major loss.

    Also, mixed income is not needed - the area is already mixed.

    We need more market rate owners and renters.

  2. This is a great outcome for the immediate neighborhood as the street facade is so beautiful and redolent of the historical grandeur of the neighborhood. For sure the FDB corridor will benefit from more neighbors.

  3. This has a nice facade worth saving, but very expensive to restore, may cost more when all done.

    Agreed mike212, there is more than enough subsidized housing in Harlem, we need more people who can carry their freight.

  4. Write developers, write local officials and make sure Community Board 10 doesn't block efforts for market rate housing. One of the reasons there are still empty lots is because CB10 blocks development as not being in the interest of the community - which is BS.

  5. "Mixed income" is a pretty vague term that can include a lot of middle income as well as market rate. For a $6M + reno investment in the place, even with subsidies these condos are going to have some costs attached. I am very happy to see this property restored, as much as it can be anyway. The arrangement sounds similar to that old hospital renovation + condo tower development at 106th and CPW.

  6. I think it's rather fitting that a former church includes some mixed income residences.

  7. I can understand the NY Post slanting this story for Artimus.
    But shouldn't that tip you off that something's not kosher with this deal?

    Artimus is trying to slide by a rezoning to build several towering buildings on that block covering 118th,117th , and St. Nicholas. They have only stated that they would preserve the front of the church. They want to bum=rush the
    the process without a careful examination of
    neighborhood needs and environmental impacts.