Friday, November 2, 2012

☞ DONATE: What Can Harlem Do Post Hurricane?

                                                                       Photo courtesy Myrna Orvam
Harlem was fortunate enough to not be that greatly affected by the hurricane and a Bespoke reader inquired on what can folks do locally to help communities in hard hit areas of the city like Staten Island.  If anyone has charities or event nights that will raise money, please send the information over to us so we can publish the details:


  1. Apparently donations are being accepted at Riverside Church.

  2. FYI-Corner Social posted this today on Facebook:

    Dear Harlem friends, Chef Jonathan is preparing 500 meals for victims of Hurricane Sandy. If you would like to help please donate bottled water, canned foods or warm winter jackets. We will be delivering this to local shelters tomorrow and Sunday so please drop of your donations at Corner Social today or early tomorrow. Thank you for your support!

  3. has a link to volunteer opportunities in all 5 boroughs.