Tuesday, November 27, 2012

☞ DRINK: Harlem's Social Bar Culture

The one thing we have been noticing about Harlem at night time is that folks are quite friendly when hanging out at one of the new drinking establishments.  At recent trip to the Red Rooster at 310 Lenox,  a young woman next to us offered to move over so we could have two seats and started up a conversation.  Usual points of topics include where one lives, how long have folks been in the neighborhood and were does one frequent as far as restaurants.  On a past visit to Lenox Lounge, we had extra room in our booth and let another couple share the table with us when they inquired.  Over in West Harlem, all the locals go to Harlem Public so there never appears to be a shortage of people introducing themselves and talking about how the neighborhood has been changing as of late.  The best part of it all is when it is time to go after a long night, most uptowners are finding themselves getting  home much quicker since these local favorite watering holes are now within their own neighborhood.


  1. I hope this is not the equivalent to the Adams Morgan neighborhood in DC. Its a fun neighborhood to visit, not to live esp cause of the noise

  2. Agreed, Harlem has a welcoming bar scene that is proving a successful business model. It also serves as a catalyst for new and old Harlemites to introduce themselves which is a positive thing. Red Rooster received some press for its noted diversity when it first opened. Red Rooster also serves as a destination for first time visitors to the new Harlem.

  3. LOL, well that will be me (first time visitor/new resident). I hope it will still be open next year. I heard the cake man in brooklyn closed up shop in fort green, BK.