Monday, November 5, 2012

☞ EAT: Hurricane Dining in Harlem

Most of the restaurants in Harlem were open by Friday and getting table was quite a difficult in many places since the hurricane had folks staying local.  We tried to stop by at least four places on FDB before going to a brownstone house party but were turned away from all of the establishments.

Saturday was another night out and Maison Harlem seemed like it would be a good choice since the eatery was not on the main South Harlem strip.  We ran into the owners of Harlem Food Bar who apparently could not get a seat at their own establishment on FDB and went over to Masion with a group of friends.  The restaurant was full but not packed and all received seating in timely manner.

As mentioned previously, the service and food is impeccable and worth the splurge at the corner bistro on 127th Street.  One of the stand out dishes was the carbonara offering which has an egg yoke presented so that the diner can mix it in and thicken the sauce (which is usually done by the chef right before the plate is served).  A hanger steak cooked medium rare was À point to perfection and was ordered because the seriously amazing pork chop special ran out for the night.

Service can be rough at many new restaurants but Maison Harlem has never disappointed us on visits and thus we highly recommend this new Central Harlem establishment.  Read more about Maison Harlem in our past post: LINK


  1. I was there for brunch on Saturday and despite a few hiccups--they gave me the wrong opening time on the phone, wouldn't make a side order of two scrambled eggs, and were late with our coffee--it was a delicious meal. Excellent food in a charming space.

  2. I went with 3 others to Maison Harlem on Sat night and it was a great experience - food, service, decor - all around. I think this is one of the few places in Harlem to have hit the mark. It's sophisticated, intimate, relaxed, and not too expensive. I wish them the best of luck.

  3. I love Maison Harlem!! Best new restaurant in the neighborhood - I'm delighted they're here.

  4. The croissants are to die for. I think I could eat those chocolate twists forever. And I agree, the service has been great!