Friday, December 14, 2012

☞ DRINK: Harlem Public Weekend Specials

Harlem Public at 149th and Broadway might be the closest thing to a gastropub in Harlem so we stopped by last weekend to check out the popular bloody mary specials and grab a bite.   The menu just consists of the regular bar grub but it's one of the most interesting ones to be found uptown with a peanut butter bacon and cheese burger that has become a popular item.  As far as the drinks go, everything is served in a mason jar or jug which adds to the hip charm one's visit.  Seasonal local favorites such as the coquito have also recently been included as well as the requisite sangria.

Harlem Public opens at noon on the weekends for those who want to take a break from holiday shopping and warm up a little.  Did we mention the wood burning stove?

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