Friday, December 14, 2012

☞ REVIVE: Activity at the Corn Exchange Building

A Bespoke reader mentioned that there were workers seen on the site of the Corn Exchange Building and a lot of activity towards the back lot of the building.  We walked by this section of Park Avenue and 125th Street last week and saw that most of the activity was basically cleaning up the interior from old debris.  As most know by now, the New York City landmark had the top floors demolished because the previous developer did not maintain the building and restore it as promised.  The city sued for the custody of the building and now the new owners will reconstruct the building back to its former glory if they can get the approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission: LINK.

Besides the basic cleanup, we don't see this going anywhere until at least Spring of 2013 for the final design approval is still pending.  It might take some time but the final result should be a striking addition to this undeveloped part of East Harlem.

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