Saturday, February 2, 2013

☞ DRINK: Opening Night at Lenox Coffee

We checked out the opening night at Lenox Coffee in celebration of their extended hours along with the arrival of beer and wine.  At about 7:00PM the shop on 129th Street and Lenox Avenue was moderately packed but that soon changed within the hour.  Folks from the neighborhood filled the space quickly and all of the draft wells were depleted by around 10:00PM.  Bottles of craft beer and wine were on hand so folks still stayed around passed the midnight closing time.  A live jazz band was on hand to celebrate the event and apparently this will be a common occurrence at the this new Harlem night spot.

Extended hours until midnight will happen on Friday and Saturday going forward and coffee shop closes at 10:00PM on all other nights.  Get more details and check out the additional photos on the Lenox Coffee Facebook site: LINK

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