Wednesday, February 13, 2013

☞ SHOP: The Harlem Last Minute Valentine's List

Here's the annual Harlem Valentine's Day Check List for all the last-minute Romeos out there. Red Rooster will probably be booked all night so here are some other selections that might be easier to get a table at. Florists are also listed.

Central Harlem
Flora Expressions, Harlem oldest florist at 135th: LINK
Barbara's Flowers, a florist on upper FDB: LINK
Maison Harlem, French Bistro on St. Nicholas: LINK
Chez Lucienne, French Bistro on Lenox: LINK
Sylvia's, The soul food classic on Lenox: LINK
Yatenga, French Bistro on ACP: LINK

South Harlem
Harlem Flo, florist on FDB: LINK
Katrina Parris, florist on Lenox: LINK
Franz James, FDB's newest florist: LINK
Jado Sushi, Authentic Japanese on FDB: LINK
Cedric, Harlem's new French bistro: LINK
5 & Diamond, expensive but one of the best restaurants uptown: LINK
Lido, the newest Italian restaurant on the FDB corridor: LINK
Melba's, contemporary southern on FDB: LINK
Native, contemporary and cozy with a touch of southern: LINK
Settepani, modern Italian on Lenox: LINK
Zoma, sleek, minimalist Ethiopian on FDB: LINK

East Harlem
Lexington Social, downtown ambiance on Lexington: LINK
Ricardo Steak House on 2nd Avenue: LINK
Moustache, East Harlem branch of the West Village favorite: LINK

West Harlem
Bettolona, contemporary Italian in Manhattanville: LINK
Pisticci, popular traditional Italian also in Manhattanville: LINK
Covo, Italian served up in a former Manhattanville train station: LINK


  1. Thanks for listing these other fine Restaurants in Harlem. I've been to quite a few of them and had great evenings dining and drinking with friends so YES, America, there are OTHER restaurants than Red Rooster! BTW, Harvist could be added to the list. Dropped by a couple of days after the opening for wine (they can't serve hard liquor due to churches close by) and wings and calamari and it was great! Attentive service and nice atmosphere were most welcomed!

  2. This list is fantastic! I've really been digging Lido, which I think is particularly high quality and great atmosphere.