Wednesday, March 27, 2013

☞ DWELL: A Contextual Strivers Row Interior

There was time just a couple of years ago when only the highest quality renovation would sell a Harlem townhouse over the $1.5 million mark and now a few lesser quality interiors are asking for much higher prices.  The lower photos are of one particular Strivers Row townhouse at 139th Street and shows one of the best contextual gut renovations we have seen in Harlem with all the modern features in place.  Wall mouldings, classic staircases, marble fireplaces, polished wood floors and a designer period kitchen with higher end stainless steel appliances were all included.

This townhouse took a couple of years to sell during the recession and was finally purchased for $1.85 million back in 2010.  Today, a home on Strivers Row that is just moderately renovated but has a lot of original details is going for $3.25 million: LINK


  1. Wow! That is beautifully, tastefully done.

  2. Great kitchen, lots of arches, quality carpentry and good hardware.