Monday, August 26, 2013

☞ DWELL: Record Contract for Astor Row

A rare historic Astor Row house at 220 West 130th arrived on the market for $2.5 million this past June and had a contract out on the property by the end of July.  Astor Row is an official landmark block between Fifth Avenue and Lenox Avenue that was founded by the Astors of New York City.  These identical 19th century houses with wood porches attached to the facade are in a decent location just east of Lenox Avenue but the block still has quite a few shells that never seem to get renovated. With that said, $2.5 million is a very respectable contract price for any home in Harlem and especially for one that does not have the majority of original details intact within the interior.

Number 220 will set a record for Astor Row if the closing price is anywhere near the initial asking which we suspect will be the case based on current market activity.  More details on this home can be found on Streeteasy: LINK


  1. I just cannot see paying in excess of a million dollars for 4 walls.

  2. Never mind where I live, my opinion is that a million dollars for 4 wall is exploitive and in excess! I stand by that.