Wednesday, August 28, 2013

☞ REMEMBER: The Last Fire Watchtower

The Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association, along with its Steering Committee of neighbors and friends, the Department of Parks & Recreation and the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance, has announce that they have raised the $4 million necessary to restore Harlem's Mount Morris Fire Watchtower in Marcus Garvey Park.

This is the last of 11 watchtower built throughout the city in the 1850's and has been deteriorating for several decades now.  Harlem parks have been poorly funded in the past but now it seems that a lot of grassroots efforts with a little help from local politicians have helped restore these public spaces.  There will be a celebration today, Wednesday, August 28th at 10:30AM at the tower at the top of the Marcus Garvey Park to acknowledge all who helped out: LINK

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  1. See the entire news conference on YouTube!