Wednesday, December 11, 2013

☞ BESPOKE: Best Harlem Revival 2013

Harlem Shake at 124th and Lenox has brought back some major commercial credentials back to the Mount Morris Park neighborhood by reviving the concept of a neighborhood burger joint.  Early 2013 saw the revival of the Harlem Shake dance craze and the eatery with the same name also debuted about the same time.  There is a lot of old school flavor here on all levels so the new establishment  has been popular with locals and tourists alike.  This is one of the rare restaurants that gets it all right in a fashion  that adults and families can both enjoy having an affordable but atmospheric outing.  We also like the fact that a formerly desolate corner of the neighborhood is now constantly alive even at late hours.


  1. Great place and love the variety of people it appeals to. They also win an award for a great holiday storefront - not to mention they kept the feel of the outdoor seating even though nobody is really sitting outside at this point.

  2. I agree with GG on both of those points. Both add to the warm and inviting feel of the place. Such a wonderful addition to Lenox.

  3. I have to respectfully disagree. Harlem Shake is ridiculously over-priced. The few times I have been there, I was disappointed by my burger, especially given the high cost. The shakes are not that remarkable either. It would be great if someone would open a reasonably priced diner with good food in Harlem that everyone can enjoy on a more regular basis. And that kind of restaurant can still have great style.

  4. I would not agree that Harlem shake is overpriced. Not for organic milkshakes which downtown cost more than $8 a pop, and here $6.25. Not for Pat la Frieda grass fed meat eaither. not for locally sourced fries from Corbin Hill Farm, which also porves they support local business AND green business.

  5. ^Obviously affiliated with the restaurant.

    I don't think Harlem Shake is over priced, although they might be able to capture a larger market with a small price-point adjustment.

    The above mentioned justifications for a high(er) price point are things that people should know! If you marketed that, it will easily project added value for the consumer's mind when making a buying decision.

    - J