Thursday, December 12, 2013

☞ DWELL: A Harlem Townhouse for Three Million

The record number this year for Harlem townhouses will be in the $3 million range and only two three properties have ever achieved this number post recession.  Most modest brownstones are going for under the $2 million range while some of the better blocks are asking for an amount somewhat north of that figure.  Then there are the true standouts that have reached the $3 million mark:

MORINGINSIDE PARK CORRIDOR - No. 357 West 121st Street at $3 million.  At 16 foot in width, this house makes up for lack of space by being on a great block close to everything in this desirable South Harlem corridor by Morningside Park.  The little charmer sold last year: LINK

MORNINGSIDE PARK CORRIDOR: No. 369 West 120th Street at $3 million.  Apparently another brownstone by Morningside Park has sold for the magic $3 million mark in June. We do not like the finishes for the kitchen and bath for this one but there are a lot of original details to be found: LINK

CENTRAL HARLEM - No. 2036 Fifth Avenue for $3.6 million.  This 2013 sale made headlines since actor Neil Patrick Harris made this the highest priced brownstone purchase of the year.  The property is on the larger side and has all of the higher end finishes that one would expect along with restored original details: LINK


  1. Re 357 West 121st, sometimes size does not matter.

  2. The post has been updated with another 2013 sale in the Morningside Park Corridor.

  3. I actually think $3.6 million for a brownstone that is 20 feet wide, 5 stories high, and combines original detail with modern finishes is quite reasonable give that caliber of location. Upper Fifth avenue is underated and kudos to NPH for recognizing its charms and convenience. That brownstone would have topped 4 million in Morningside or possibly Mt. Morris - on a per square foot basis Morningside has set the records no doubt because of its proximity to FDB and the fact that a certain type of buyer can convince themselves its Morningside heights. Mt. Morris does appear to be closing the gap as Lenox has developed and it will be interesting to see what a well renovated 20 footer could fetch there ..

  4. 2036 Fifth has been incorrectly reported to be 8,000 SF., It is actually around 5,200 SF. At this price, the PSF is $700 which is unusually high for a brownstone in this location.