Tuesday, December 10, 2013

☞ EAT: Custom Fuel Pizza Arriving on FDB

A few tips came in at the end of last week mentioning that Custom Fuel Pizza was taking over the old pizzeria space at the corner of 123rd Street and FDB/8th Avenue.  All of the signage looks like it belongs to a sports club but Custom Fuel Pizza is actually a notable chain from DC that apparently makes great, unique pies.  Custom Fuel Pizza is also applying for a liquor license based on the public notice at the storefront so folks should expect a decent sit down establishment to arrive at this corner of the corridor.  More on the chain can be found on the official website: LINK


  1. Good to see amenities coming farther north on FDB. I like that this doesnt feel like it is competing with bad horse directly - love bad horse but it is expensive unless one is sharing a large pizza with others. This seems like it will do a nice business for students and singles ...

  2. Very nice. We need a good pizza shop on Lenox between 116th and 125th. Harlem Shake is doing so well there. I'm sure another quick, sit down place serving food at reasonable prices would do equally well.

  3. sooo excited for this! bad horse is expensive and there doesn't seem to be a good pizza joint in the neighborhood. i checked out their raving reviews for their other locations and it seems like it is going to be a real nice addition to our neighborhood. now if only someone would open a bagel shop, my palate would be complete.