Friday, December 13, 2013

☞ PETITION: More Safety for Morningside Avenue

The Streets Blog has an update on the issue of safety along Morningside Park by adding traffic calming measures and bike lanes.  Harlem has mostly citizens that do not have cars and street safety has been made a major concern over the years but Community Board 10 appears to be siding with keeping the traffic flowing quickly as usual even though Community Board 9 has approved the new plan.  Streets Blog is very pro bike and pedestrian safety so the view might be slightly skewed but we kind of think this is okay.  Check out the site for a controversial recap of what happened Tuesday at the CB10 meeting: LINK

Another citizen has been trying to get the Department of Transportation's attention while CB10 tries to make up its mind on the matter by getting 1,000 signatures for the additional bike lanes so show your support by signing the petition which is about a quarter of the way there: LINK

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