Friday, December 20, 2013

☞ REMEMBER: The Original Bearded Lady

The guys who are opening Bearded Lady Espresso shop at 118th and FDB/8th Avenue originally had some inspiration from a French postcard circa 1910.  Cafe de la Femme a Barbe was the original Bearded Lady Cafe back in the day and probably located in some bohemian section of Paris.  Folks in Central Harlem who are fans of the early century feel of Lenox Coffee will be excited to hear that Bearded Lady Espresso has the same owner involved who plans to carry on a similar aesthetic that would put a smile on the original bearded dame.  Word of mouth has it that a mid January opening is to be expected and the interior is currently coming along nicely.  There is also an official Bearded Lady Facebook fan site where we borrowed the original image from: LINK

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