Friday, December 6, 2013

☞ SHOP: Tio Luca on Lenox Set to Open

The plywood shed out front of the new tapas bar on Lenox and 131st Street has been deconstructed and a very distinct, warm facade has been revealed.  There used to be a bodega at this corner of the avenue that went out of business rather quickly over a year ago and construction has been happening ever since for the restaurant.  We took a quick look in the window and folks should expect the old school type of interior that has been popular downtown arriving to this corner of Central Harlem.  Apparently the eatery will be called Tio Luca and will be open in about 10 days.


  1. Lenox in my opinion has always been the historic heart of harlem and its franchise boulevard. It's great to see all of the new places opening and no doubt red rooster's success and the coming whole foods has inspired much of this ..

  2. Phenomenal. Can't wait to stop in for a bite to eat.