Friday, January 31, 2014

☞ BESPOKE: Gold Signage at Double Dutch

Double Dutch Espresso opened on FDB and 118th Street this past week but the final touches were still needed at the storefront.  We followed Sugar Hill gold leaf artist Sandra Spannan to the new boutique shop to see her work in action at the top window transom.  Those not familiar with the centuries old technique of gold-on-glass application might be interested in the fact that real gold is used for the brilliant shimmer of artisanal signage.  This precious metal is very malleable so paper thin sheets are actually applied in 14KT-24KT based on the color desired.  More window signage will probably arrive soon but the one just finished in the past couple of days is truly a work of art.  Ms. Spannan's company also handle the gold number restoration at all of the local Harlem brownstones: LINK


  1. Nice, I'm sure this will be a success.

  2. Their business is literally world class! We used them for our brownstone and there are phenom. And they are based in Harlem!!!!!