Monday, January 6, 2014

☞ BESPOKE: Trompe L'oeil Wallpaper

The new year often means new renovations for home dwellers so we will be doing a series on bespoke ideas that might just add the right touch of character to any room.  Wallpaper is a finishing still not used a lot uptown but is traditionally accurate for all townhouses.  We like the classic floral William Morris patterns that were sure to have been in many of the Harlem brownstones a century ago but those who are not so literal might want a more modern update today.

Faux finishes and Trompe L'oeil pattern have always been standard for many early century homes and we recently found this series of British Graham & Green wallpaper that provides an update to the classic medium.  These patterns can add character to a small study, guest room, or child's space without actually investing in book shelves or woodwork.  The oak panel paper is interesting because one can actually stain a chair rail moulding to match the print and then paper everything below for a dado rail affect.  A printed library pattern as shown at top would do well as on an accent wall combined with existing panel moulding.  Most of these custom paper are expensive so use sparingly: LINK

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